The Mason Jar

Why do I use an antique mason jar as my logo?

The mason jar represents my eco-friendly approach to organizing and decorating. I have used jars in every room of the home. Some of my favorite jars were originally used for spaghetti sauce, honey, jam, pickles and salad dressing. Here is a list of items that I have put in jars in order to organize and beautify:

  • Kitchen: Nuts, tea, oatmealjarLogo
  • Bathroom: Cotton balls, Q-Tips, toothbrushes
  • Bedroom: Candles, essential oils, make-up brushes
  • Living Room: Flowers, plants, remote controls
  • Office: Pens, pencils, glasses, rubber bands
  • Garage: Nails, screws, tools

I do my best to responsibly address ALL unwanted household items. Many unwanted items can either be reused in the home or recycled. One of my strengths as an organizer is thinking outside the box to get you organized in a way that is budget friendly as well as eco-friendly.


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