“I had known Lori for a while when she started her organizing service. I asked for her assistance when we moved out of the home we had lived in for 10 years. We had so much stuff to get rid of and the job was overwhelming. She helped us pack and unpack which saved my valuable time and lessened my stress and anxiety. My new home is more serene because I got rid of items we did
not use. And, thanks to Lori, I have more time to do things I enjoy because my home is organized. An example: Before Lori’s help, I would waste a lot of time searching through my greeting card drawer looking for a certain category. Now, I go to the box she organized with categories separated by labeled tabs. So much quicker now! I am a confident, hard working woman but I just can’t do it all.

I think cleaning businesses should know about her company. It is one thing to clean and another thing to organize. Lori assisted me to sort out items I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep. She helped me created a pile of items I didn’t want to keep and a pile of items I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep. Occasionally, she would gently ask me to reassess the items I wasn’t sure about and more items went into the donation pile. It was easier to purge with the help of someone that was respectful and kind. To my relief, she also took the items I didn’t want to a donation center for me! While helping me pack, she placed like items together, wrapped them and packed them in boxes labeled very clearly. Unpacking was so much easier – especially the kitchen which she helped me with as well. I have always needed to work hard to be organized. Working with Lori really reduced my anxiety level and helped me learn new organization skills that I can now use in her absence.”

~ Aliso Viejo, CA
“My house had become something I avoided…partially due to the clutter that no matter how I rearranged I couldn’t maintain.  I have emotional ties to many of my things and many of them are inherited from my parents when my mom passed as well as my husband’s parents when they passed.  We both have a similar attachment to many things we don’t really use just because they remind us of
our parents.  So our garage is floor to ceiling and house is full of my mom’s books.  When I met Lori I felt that she would be able to help me.  Her gentle demeanor was what I needed.  I’ve had help before from some tough love friends and it really upset me.  I was overwhelmed on where to start with Lori but each and every session she outlined doable goals and areas we were to focus on and complete in the time we had.  She has the perfect combination of nurturing and practical know how.  Each session left me so inspired and motivated to continue doing more which I did.  This was something I was absolutely unable to do on my own…I also enjoyed Lori’s creativity and clever solutions to the numerous space issues we face in our home.  We are still working on it but the improvements are huge!!  In addition to creating useful corners in the house to work and relax in Lori helped me organize all my paper files.  This was a huge achievement as well.  She also has an uncanny way of assessing what your taste is and what your priorities are and then zeroing in to make a palpable difference in the daily routine.  I can’t thank her enough.  I also think that for anyone who has reached a point of being too overwhelmed with ‘stuff’ Lori can transform with grace and ease…”

~ Palos Verdes, CA
“My closet was filling up over the years and there was little room. I was unable to find items because it was so unorganized. I found myself overwhelmed with making decisions about what to keep and what to give away. Palmer Organizing was much needed. The best improvement is that I now can find everything! I feel so organized and it literally brings a smile to my face to walk
into my closet. I was very impressed with the professionalism and method that Lori Palmer used to approach this enormous task. I recommend Palmer Organizing and will use them again in the future. My next project is going to be photo albums. I’m looking forward to scheduling this project with Palmer Organizing!”

~ Huntington Beach, CA
“I started working with Lori Palmer at a time when I felt completely burnt out and was having trouble becoming motivated to do the things I knew I needed to be doing. As a young adult, I had to get through my finals, start researching and applying to colleges, pick a major, and find a new job all at the same time, while struggling with pretty severe depression. In my condition, I would
never have been able to do all of that alone. However, Lori was able to focus me and help me prioritize my overwhelming jumble of tasks. She then patiently and positively took me through each one, step by step, building my confidence in myself with every step. She got me through my finals with all A’s, she helped me get the job I have now been working at for a year, and she helped me collect the information I would need to transfer and pick a major. Not only that, but along the way she also helped me organize and re-decorate my utter mess of a room, as well as work on structuring my daily routine in order to be happier and healthier. No matter what task I brought to her, she was willing to work with me on it. Her organization, practical experience, and motivation have been invaluable to me, and I plan on continuing to work with her for many future projects.”

~ Torrance, CA
“I know Lori Palmer of Palmer Organizing personally, and when she mentioned to me that she specializes in packing and moving I knew I needed her help. We were in the process of buying our first home and I needed help getting organized before our big move. Lori assisted me in cleaning out our closets and garage, organizing things into piles of what to keep, what to donate, what to sell
and what to throw away. Pairing down on the amount of stuff we owned was a major step in helping us have a successful and easy move.

Once we moved all our possessions over to our new home, Lori majorly helped us get setup in our new home. I was away from the house for a few hours, and she worked with my husband to unpack boxes and was able to fully get us up and running in our kitchen and living room. Leaving the house with piles of boxes, and coming home to an actual functioning kitchen and living room was an amazing experience and I was able to enjoy my new home sooner than I expected. I truly appreciate Lori’s help and would recommend her to anyone!”

~ Orange, CA
“I had been struggling with clutter and organizing for years. When talking to a friend, I was told that I had to contact Lori Palmer. We started working together in January 2015 as my apartment had a huge flood and was transitioning from carpet to hardwood floors. Lori helped me to pack up everything in an organized manner to make the transition smooth and easy which would not have been possible without her help.

Time is very important to me and I felt that I was always wasting it looking for things. Lori helped me to create an organizational system where now I only need to look in one or two places as I know where everything is in my apartment. Lori is patient, kind and caring and is passionate about her work.

I have a lot of memorabilia as I lost my brother several years ago and feel very attached to many things. She never forced me to get rid of anything but she asked questions that helped me come to my own realization of whether or not I needed it. Being a breast cancer survivor and Yoga Therapist, it is important for my health to keep things clear and clean as well as free up my time to be able to focus on my clients and help keep them healthy. I could not have done it without her. She is a gem and if you have the opportunity to work with her I recommend you take it!”

~ Marina Del Rey, CA